Your home is a great environment. It`s safe from the elements, nice and dry, usually not too hot and not too cold. For any critter able to crawl into your attic, sneak into your garage or burrow under your porch, your home also offers protection from natural predators and plenty of fun stuff to chew on. It should come as no surprise that here in Georgia, the wildlife species we can`t wait to spot in our wooded yards and well-maintained parks can`t wait to find access points to get inside our homes!

Many of these animals are great for our local ecosystem. Once they`ve made it inside your home, however, they can create a whole mess of problems from gnawed wires and destroyed insulation to foul odors and unsightly stains.  Wildlife removal, however, is dangerous and should not be attempted by most homeowners. Even small animals can bite and spread disease. Whether you`re dealing with rats, bats, birds, squirrels, snakes or possums, let All Pro take care of it.

In-depth Wildlife Inspections

Sometimes you don`t know WHAT kind of critter has crawled into your attic, basement, garage or walls. The signs are there but you haven`t seen the animal. We can quickly read the clues others overlook to figure out what kind of wildlife you have scurrying through your home snakes, rodents, birds or something else. Once we know what wildlife we`re dealing with, we`ll come up with a customized plan to remove it and keep it from coming back to reestablish its camp. If an animal has unexpectedly died inside your home, we can locate and remove the animal and use our cleansers and deodorants to properly sanitize your home. We`ll treat former wildlife living spaces, travel patterns and entry holes with chemicals that remove the animal`s scent so it can`t catch the attention of other wildlife. When it comes to wildlife removal services, it`s important to go with a quality company like ours that has been in the business for many years and knows the area well. Our Atlanta wildlife control experts can safely and humanely trap and relocate whatever wildlife troubles you, guaranteed.