We have seven reasons why you should let All Pro Pest Services. Inc. take care of all your termite control, pest control, mosquito control and wildlife control needs and never leave pesky pest issues to an amateur!

1. We offer unbeatable customer service.

We have developed our own software system to guarantee first-rate customer service. No one in the country has an infrastructure like ours. This is to insure that all phone calls are answered and all scheduled services are completed in the most efficient manner for you, our valued customer.

2. We have over forty years of experience.

All-Pro Pest Services, Inc. began in 1971. It started as little more than an exterminator with a truck. We`ve been stopping bugs in their tracks and utilizing only the best business practices ever since.

3. We`re familiar with the Atlanta area.

We serve the whole Atlanta area and our trucks are all lettered and equipped with GPS which allows us to more efficiently find your home and be on time. Knowing the metro Atlanta geography as well as we do has many perks. For one, it can help us figure out what`s causing your pest problem whether it`s a creek you live near, the trees around your house or simply a part of Atlanta`s urban environment.

4. Efficiency is our aim.

We know how important it is to get your pest problem under control as quickly as possible so we work fast. We continue to look for software innovations and upgrades for our fleet of trucks that will make us the most efficient pest control company we can be.

5. We handle ANY pest problem.

Whether you`re facing armies of tiny termites, a single large raccoon or some creepy crawler in between, we can help. Chances are we`ve seen it before. This means we know the safest, most effective trapping and exterminating methods.

6. Our employees are trained professionals.

All of our employees go through an extensive background check, drug test, and a series of interviews to become part of our team. Additionally, our 120-point report card system ensures that they keep offering the best service possible whether they`ve been working with us for six months or six years.

7. We went green before it was cool.

We have been using green services and ECO-Friendly products for over 10 years. This guarantees safety for your family, property and pets.